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Your happiest day, lasting EVERMORE...

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What we do.

We are Alix & Jamie, & we are all about capturing the beauty and emotions of weddings.

With years of experience in different creative art forms, we blend photography & videography to create a complete memory package for your special day.

Through photography, we capture the heartfelt moments and little details that make your wedding unique. Our goal is to freeze those genuine smiles, hugs, and special touches that tell your story.

In videography, working in collaboration with award winning videographer Chris Weston of Twentytwenty Media Group, we take it a step further by creating a moving narrative. We catch every emotion and scene, allowing you to relive the full atmosphere of your day whenever you want.

With a cinematic touch, we make your wedding come alive on screen for Evermore.

For our services & examples of our past wedding shoots, check out the buttons below.


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Capturing every beautiful moment


Making a second last eternity

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