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Outdoor Wedding Venue


Hi there, we’re Alix and Jamie and we’ve been best friends for 10 years! Since meeting, our lives have been devoted to the realms of music, film and photography... just anything creatively inspired. We found our calling and worked hard to achieve our goals! The privilege of pursuing a passion as our profession, has always been our goal. This fills us with humility and gratitude and we trust that this resonates in every aspect of our work. Alix, originating from Newcastle, and Jamie, originally from Portsmouth, both secluded in beautiful Hampshire, England. This is where our joint love for the creative world started, originally through the music industry as singer-songwriters and eventually videography and photography. Amidst a backdrop of chaos and uncertainty in the music industry, we both found solace and purpose within the realm of film and photography. Photography and film suddenly held a unique place in our hearts, and the world of weddings and romance was the perfect partner for our passion. This is how we created our beautiful business…

EVERMORE weddings. 

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